The Latest News The only constant is change...  As our own cider orchards mature we are getting ready to make our own commercial cider.  To this end, we have just opened a new taphouse that features ciders, both on tap and in bottles.  Located in Dallas, OR on Main St., We will be shipping product from this location as well.  Come check us out! Tree Rootstock and Scionwood It is that time of year again.  We are just getting to pruning our orchards to determine scion wood, but it will likely be lighter than last year due to fruiting the trees this year.  Rootstock availability is now posted in the online store. Tree orders for this year are going to be limited.  Due to construction of greenhouses, planting orchards and the new business venture we don’t have staff to dig individual trees this year.  Some trees will be listed online, but in set quantities.  Prices will stay the same or go down this year. Online Store
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