© NorthWest Cider Supply 2016 NorthWest Cider Supply  I know there are many places throughout the world where cider flows freely in every corner bar and restaraunt.  I seem to be in the minority here, one of the few around that can and does really appreciate the wonderful elixer that only apples can provide.  I’ve been making cider for nearly a decade now and am one that jumps into things full steam, never being satisfied with just buying some juice off the store shelf and fermenting it out.  No, from day one I had to have bittersweet apples to crush and put into my own blends to make a true, and high quality cider.  Finding what I needed was an extremely difficult task. The irony is this, apples were planted in the United States from the first days of colonization for precisely one purpose; CIDER!  Yet, somehow our proud American culture has degraded to the point that asking for cider does not even get you a fermented refreshing beverage, rather some poor excuse for juice that has not been centrifuged to remove every bit of natural flavor initially present.  Cider is not hard or  soft or sweet, it either is cider or it’s juice! The next irony and the sad one that I quickly learned was that where the beverage is not commonplace, nor well understood, there is simply no push for people to improve upon it by making it at home.  I live in what would rightly be called the center of the cider movement in North America, that is in the Pacific Northwest where most of the countries apples are grown.  Somehow this doesn’t seem to matter when it is time to make my own juice to ferment, nor when it is time to ferment.  Every step of the process is difficult, sourcing apples, finding pressing equipment, finding parts and supplies for that equipment, finding supplies to ferment, and finding supplies to finish the ferment by bringing our wonderful drink to the table. NorthWest CIder Supply is an attempt to correct these deficiencies by providing the porducts that artisan cider crafters require to make their wonderful drinks. Fortunate for us, at least those of us in the Pacific Northwest, both the wine and beer industries can supply us some of our needed products, but they are severly lacking in many aspects.  Our goal is to become a one stop shop for all things that are needed to make exceptional cider, but that will take some time.  In the near future we will be adding products that are not available elsewhere and products that are needed for upcoming seasons.  Watch our online store for product additions weekly and monthly.  Additioinally, if you have a product need that is not being fulfilled, please drop us a line (info@NorthWestCiderSupply.com) and let us know. Thank You for your support! Sam Dufner Owner and Founder NorthWest Cider Supply About Us