© NorthWest Cider Supply 2016 Apple Whip Graft Jig Grafting season is just around the corner for those of us who do whip grafts.  With this new tool anyone can graft like a pro.  Several tools are on the market for grape grafters such as the Omega tool that have failed in trials with apple trees.  This jig uses knives to safely produce a perfect matching pair of cuts every time, check out the price too!. Cider and Heirloom Trees Are you having trouble finding your favorite bittersweet variety in a nursery in the US?  We certainly did, so after years of searching, propogating, and building our own inventory we are now able to provide these varieties for our fellow growers that want to have their own cider apple orchard. . ROOTSTOCK!!! If you are grafting your own trees you know the difficulty in finding rootstock each year.  Act quickly as we will likely sell out early too!  This year we have available EMLA 7, Bud 9, Pajam 2, and M9-337 as well as Geneva 935 and Geneva 41!  Buy individually or save with bundles of 10 or 25.  Rootstock will begin shipping the first week of February.. New Products Here are some products we are working on designing or distributing for our friends who craft cider at home.