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Hoses, Siphons, Sampling

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Auto Siphon *large* 1/2" tube 2

Auto Siphon *large* 1/2" tube

The large version of the auto siphon draws the cider from your containers much quicker than the standard 5/16" model. Use 1/2" ID tubing.


Auto Siphon racking system 2

Auto Siphon racking system

An auto siphon will be one of your most used tools if you ferment or store in carboys, sanke kegs, buckets, or anything they will reach the bottom...


Auto Siphon, Mini model 2

Auto Siphon, Mini model

Specifically designed to fit in 1 gallon carboys and jugs this auto siphon is one handy little tool. You can also use it to rack off clear liquid...


Erlenmeyer Flask 1L 5

Erlenmeyer Flask 1L

Borosilicate glass is extremely strong and makes a perfect vessel for yeast starters as well as other uses: Mixing and storing chemicals Samples for...


Hydrometer Jar with Removable Base 4

Hydrometer Jar with Removable Base

Using a hydrometer jar with a removable base allows for easier cleaning and storage. High quality hydrometer jar with crystal clear polycarbonate...


Hydrometer, Triple scale with instructions 8

Hydrometer, Triple scale with instructions

A Basic Hydrometer is an absolute must have for measuring the alcohol potential in you cider pre- and post-fermenatation This hydrometer measures...


Thief for taking samples for measurements. 0

Thief for taking samples for measurements.

The Fermtech Wine Thief allows you to draw samples and take a hydrometer reading at the same time. Simply dip the thief in your tank and pull out the...

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