Wednesday February 21, 2018

Bench Grafting Jig for Whip grafting


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New!! With this new whip grafting jig even amateurs can graft with 95% success every time.

After years of working with apple trees trying to perfect a method to make perfect cuts we decided there had to be an easier way. We all know that the tools made for making grafts using cross cut blades just don't work with apple stock as the wood is too hard. This is the best solution to date.

Our jig mounts to a bench with included hardware. Insert both the scion and the rootstock into the jig and make the cut using a sharp chisel. Make notches in both pieces using a knife in our cut plate (included) for safety and assemble them into a perfectly matched set that offers the best chance of success.

Wrap your graft with your choice of graft seal, we recommend rubber grafting bands that biodegrade within a short while.

  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs
  • Manufactured by: Northwest Cider Supply

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